LIGHT CRESCENT was established in 1989,in coimbatore,southIndia,M/s Light crescent has made a mark for them selves as manufacturers,
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Vogal Goods Lift
Vogal Chain Electric Hoist
E.O.T Crane
Electric Crab Winch
Electric Wire Rope Hoist
Gantry Crane
Pillar Type Jib Crane
Chain Sling
 Vogal Goods Lift

Technical Parameteras

 Vogal Chain Electric Hoist
Polyester webbing & round slings
  Webbing slings
  Round Slings
  Cargo Ratchet Lashing
Lifting Equipments
  E.O.T Crane & H.O.T Crane

Capacity : 1 Tonne to 50 Tonne
Usage     : All movement are operated electrically

(1) Hosting & Lowering of heavy loads.
(2) Right & left movement of heavy materials.
(3) Reversa & Forward movement of heavy materials.

Capacity : 0.5 to 50 Tonnes
Usage     :Used in heavy Industries.It has 3 operating                        movements.

(1) Hoisting & lowering of Heavy Loads
(2) Right & Left Movement.
(3) Forward & reverse L.T. Movement.

  Electric Crab Winch

Capacity : 1 Tonnes to 20 Tonnes
Usage     : Loading, unloading Pulling & Hauling.

Capacity  : 1 Tonnes To 20 Tonnes
Usage     : Loading, unloading and pulling of heavy loads at                        drivers speeds

  Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Capacity  : 0.5 Tonnes To 20 Tonnes
Usage     :For up, down,right & Left movement of  loads

  Gantry Crane

Capacity : 1 Tonne to 20 Tonnes
Usage     : Used in Heavy Industries and Transport Companies                         for Loading & unloading of material from the Trucks                         etc

  Pillar type Jib Crane
Capacity   : 0. 0.5 Tonne to 5 Tonnes
Usage      :
For radial movement of  heavy loads

(Known as Floor Or Garage Crane)
Capacity   : 500 Kg. to 5 Tonnes
Usage      : For mounting & dismounting  of Engines for replacements and repairs work in the  garages and Workshops Loading and unloading of materials from Tempos &other Light Vehicles.


Capacity : 1 Tonne to 30 Tonnes
Usage      : For right and left movement of heavy loads

Capacity : 0.5 tonne to 10 tonnes for loading and unloading of matrial at conjested places inside and outside where creanes etc cannot be used for want of space.
 chain sling
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